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We think it involves new thinking, new eyes … New skills and talents to help build great creative. This area on our site features new work from student artists. You’ll see fresh work from graphic artists, designers and new media creators.  You’ll see a bunch of new ideas and styles. You’ll see the definition of “fresh.”


Fresh Talent

Mike Berkel

“My poster is focused around balance ( symmetry ) and playing off the yin-yang concept. Obviously the counters of the a’s ( Helvetica Neue Light ) representing the yin and the yang. This element anchored in the middle creates symmetrical space on the top and the bottom. The name of the show would be called balance so I created a simple type treatment at the bottom.

Since the dictionary splits balance after the letter “L” it leaves one extra letter on the right side. So to add visual weight I positioned the information on the right side sort of applying pressure to the word balance.”


Alex Muller

“Metro was a piece inspired by recent trips I’ve taken to some of the larger cities of the mid-Atlantic. Originally meant to be a printer’s swatchbook, each spread showcases a different print technique: black and white, duotone, spot color, tri-tone and full CMYK.

Each location inspired me in a different way, and I tried to emphasize the personalities and cultures of each metropolitan area. I also undertook the research, wrote the text and did the photography for the piece.”

See more at Alex’s website … admullerdesigns.com


This is 1 page from Metro. Download the entire book here.

Jeanine Giuffrida

“This piece is a 4 page magazine spread that would be displayed for an American History publication on Gettysburg, PA.
This piece showcases my own photography and use of type in a 3 column layout.

I wanted to convey the rich historical nature of this state park by utilizing a succession of full color photos displayed in a uniform grid. The headline and copy is in navy blue, reminiscent of the color of Union troop uniforms. There is also a repeated letter “G” taken from the main headline and used as a faint watermark to bring a consistent graphic element throughout the spread.”



John Nayduch

Atomic Gnome – New beer brand