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Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a powerful tool in your overall marketing tool belt. However, there are other benefits in running digital campaigns. For instance, are you on a limited budget? Or, testing a new market? Utilizing the power and speed of digital campaigns can be the most cost effective and easiest way to track ROI. Let us show you how.

Digital Media Strategy

Not sure of all the new digital options that are available? At holberg design, we can help you manage all of the options and pick the right ones to move forward. Just like your traditional marketing portfolio, your digital media portfolio should be diverse. From AdWords campaigns to Rich Media Ads to mobile placement, we have the resources build a complete digital media plan. With digital advertising you also have the ability to run several advertising messages at once. Not just one ad running, but several messages and/or incentives going at the same time. With this digital strategy, you can monitor all of the running ads and see which are performing the best and adjust your media plan accordingly.


Today’s in-house marketers need to present to their teams how effective their media campaigns are. The easiest way to show how well your campaign is performing is through digital media reports. How many people saw your brand impression? How many leads clicked through to your site? How long were they there? Did they convert? With digital marketing, we can give you the tools to answer these questions and see how well your digital advertising campaign is working. We link your digital media campaign to your website, driving your potential customers to the areas of your site that have the best chance to convert them into customers. Finally, through website analytics, we can check to see how well the digital program is running.


Google, the worlds most powerful search tool is also the most used “local” search tool on the web. We live and work in a world where people everywhere, from central PA, to your next door neighbor, to businesses in China, are searching for your business… and having your site ready to utilize the power of Google is a must. The impact of Google AdWords has changed the landscape of advertising forever. Knowing how to tap that power is key to developing the right Google strategy for you. We are a Google Partner.


Social Media

Social Media can be a very powerful tool in connecting with your customers. From helping you to craft effective social media advertisements to writing SEO rich posts to generating over 55K video views in under a week, holberg design can help craft and manage your Social Media program.


Can your target audience find you? Crafting a website that is rich in SEO is a must. Your website needs to be built correctly in order to be SEO optimized. There are many small site factors that help you to get to the top of search engines and you need to utilize all of them. Finally, what works for SEO development today may not work tomorrow. Stay on top of the SEO game with an SEO package through holberg design.

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Case Studies

Here are a few case studies in which we have developed integrated DIGITAL marketing campaigns.

>> OSS Health – Complete Marketing Campaign, Traditional Media Placement and Digital Media Campaign

>> RKL – Complete Marketing Campaign, Traditional Media Placement and Digital Media Campaign

>> PANTS Tradeshow – Complete Marketing Campaign, Traditional Media Placement and Digital Media Campaign

>> Weldon Solutions – Complete Marketing Campaign, Traditional Media Placement and Digital Media Campaign


Your Complete, Full-Service Agency

holberg design is a complete marketing, advertising and design agency, working in both traditional and new media. At holberg design, we specialize in brand development and implementation … From creating visual branding components, to designing effective B2B and B2C advertising campaigns, to creating powerful, intuitive web experiences. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to …

Integrated Marketing


  • B2B marketing strategies
  • B2C marketing strategies
  • Marketing plans
  • Traditional marketing avenues
  • New media marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Brand roll-out plans
  • Mobile marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Targeted marketing
  • Brand awareness marketing
  • Public relations
  • Analytics

Media Development

  • Media buying
  • Media planning and placement
  • Internet media development
  • Media performance reporting

Strategic Branding

  • Product branding
  • Service branding
  • Corporate re-branding
  • Start-up branding
  • On-target brand messaging
  • Brand reviews
  • Visual identity development
  • Brand guidelines booklet

Creative & Design

  • Name and Logo development
  • Creative writing
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual identity development
  • Graphic design
  • Print design and fulfillment
    • Brochures and flyers
    • Newsletters
    • Mailer/postcards/dimensional promotions
    • Stationery
    • Catalogs
    • Annual reports
    • Posters
    • Banners
  • Copywriting
  • Environmental design
    • Store design and merchandising
    • Signage
    • Billboards
    • Banners
    • Trade show exhibits
  • Advertising campaign creation (B2C and B2B)
    • Newspaper advertisements
    • Magazine advertisements
    • Classified advertisements
    • Radio advertisements
    • Television advertisements
    • Billboards
  • Internet development and marketing
    • Website design, development
    • Usability studies
    • Intergrated website development
    • Internet advertising
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Google AdWords campaigns
    • Email campaigns


Who We Serve

Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and nonprofit marketing, we know that your creative needs to speak the language of the end user. For instance, B2B marketing requires a fast, clear message showcasing the benefits of your product or service and how it solves your target audience’s problems. Also the marketing avenues you use change from B2B to B2C. Don’t waste time and money using the wrong marketing channels; let us help you build an effective marketing plan.



CPA and Financial Firms

  • Certified public accountants
  • Consulting firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Local banks

Manufacturing and Technologies

  • Technology and software
  • Industrial  manufacturing
  • Electronic and high-tech manufacturing
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Consumer goods

Trade Shows

  • Trade show marketing and branding




  • Tableware
  • Food and beverage
  • Financial institutions
  • Hospitality
  • Snack food
  • Garden centers
  • Greeting cards


  • Certified public accountants
  • Healthcare
  • Legal firms
  • Electronic and high-tech manufacturing
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Consumer goods


  • Medical facilities
  • Health awareness organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Medical specialty services
  • Hearing centers
  • Optometrists



and Organizations


  • Performing arts
  • Museums
  • Health awareness organizations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Schools
  • Community development organizations


  • State-wide organizations
  • Complete transportation systems

A loyal and enthusiastic customer that seeks you out is the peak of a great marketing and branding campaign … The shimmering tip of hard work.

What sets you apart from your competition? Does your target market know what your company stands for and why they should choose you? What are your solutions to your customers’ real needs? Your brand should first help answer these key questions. Then, by keeping a brand narrow and focused, your message becomes sincere, making consumers quicker to act.