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Wednesday Ramblings: New Year, Same Love for Email Marketing

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With social media consistently on the rise, the hypnotically influenced desire for fleeting satisfaction from new followers, new audiences, new likes, new comments, and – in the right context – possible new business connections keeps people coming back for more. But once these temporary highs fade, a good number of them dead-ending in a disappointing turn of events similar to only getting one like on that Facebook post, advertisers are left unfulfilled. While utilizing varied electronic and printed outlets is essential to the marketing success of a business, one trite and true method still remains faithful through the seasons.

The good, old-fashioned email. Now, while “old-fashioned” may seem like strange phrasing, twenty-two years of widespread usage gives email a bit of street cred – and one of the reasons it’s still so widely used today is because it works. It’s easy, it’s direct, it’s specific, and it’s fast. Gather your email recipient list, develop and attach content, manipulate to best avoid spam filters, and hit send. Done.

Now, while it’s a reality that people will see an advertisement-based email, scan it for two seconds, and with varied interest levels either immediately save or delete, the effectiveness – and cost efficiency – has remained in email’s favor. In their recent article, “2016 Game-Changing Marketing Trends”, online media publisher Business 2 Community lists email marketing as a continuing trend for the New Year, when considering the likelihood of companies to seek money-saving tactics. In fact, three-quarters of respondents within the article said that email marketing used in the effort to continue growing subscriber bases was a core pillar of their businesses, for when ads and content advertisement get expensive and competitive.

Moral of the story? While nobody truly knows how the marketing strategies of 2016 will play out, continuing to implement a reliable staple from – dare we say it? – last year’s trends may prove to be the most innovative plan yet.

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