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Susquehanna Riverlands, Marketing York and Lancaster

Riverlands Makreting York and Lancaster

Susquehanna Riverlands brand

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holberg design recently helped to develop a new name, visual identity and brand for the lower Susquehanna River corridor… Susquehanna Riverlands. This effort has been focused around a PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA DCNR) Conservation Landscape initiative.

The goals of this large landscape project include improving public access to the river, preserving environmentally sensitive areas, preserving the forested river landscape, improving water quality, providing additional land and water based recreational opportunities, and revitalizing the Rivertown communities of Marietta, Columbia, and Wrightsville. In 2013, the Conservancy officially became the lead organization for the Susquehanna Riverlands. Even though we are the lead organization, we have many partners and advocates that help us accomplish the goals in the work plan. More about the Riverlands program.

The new brand was introduced to the organization and is ready to be launched into the community. The Conservancy reviewed several local marketing firms and selected holberg design to help with marketing the new Riverlands entity. Some of these early marketing efforts are website design, photography, maps and brochure development.

We look forward in helping to showcase the great landscape and exploration options that the Susquehanna River corridor has to offer. Check back to see more about this brand.

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