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Wyndridge Farm Brand Capture

The essence of Wyndridge Farm? Rustic. Elegant. And don’t forget the fun!

In the windswept hills of Pennsylvania, you’ll find historic farms that contain picturesque views of fields and orchards. Wyndridge Farm is a shining example of the natural beauty of these farms. Rustic but elegant, Wyndridge Farm has the heart of a historic Pennsylvania farm … with a fun soul that celebrates life.

Wyndridge Farm first required an overall identity for the farm and then for its first product – a hard apple cider. Wyndridge is also a destination for cider/craft brew/wine/food lovers, while also hosting events and weddings for those looking for a historic, elegant farm backdrop.


Elegant + Rustic + Wynd = Wyndridge Farm

In creating the overall brand mark for the farm (the umbrella visual identity), we visited the farm and talked about what its brand was, who it was targeting and how we wanted to portray the brand in the consumer’s mind. We then gathered hundreds of images, colors, fonts and illustrations to use as inspiration. WORKING TOGETHER, we pulled out a few dozen images and narrowed them down to the following group.

Wyndridge Farm Brand inspiration

Wyndridge Farm Logo Design

The Wyndridge scarf-wearing fox is more than just an icon; it’s a descriptive mark. The fox is known as an elegant, sly and crafty animal, one that visits the farm frequently for a little “fun.” This essence captures the spirit that is Wyndridge Farm, a place to visit for your own fun.







Wyndridge Color Inspration

Wyndridge Farm Logo


Wyndridge Farm logo design

Wyndridge Farm's new website

Diving Deeper into the Brand

Besides being an estate farm, Wyndridge Farm crafts hard apple cider, beer, wine and food. Also, the brand is gaining a loyal following, so we wanted to create logo wear that fit the brand … a scarf was the perfect fit.

Wyndridge Farm Logo Design


Crafty Cider.

The main brand idea was to change the perception of hard ciders. Currently, most hard ciders add extra sweeteners into their mix, creating a candy-like drink. Wyndridge Farm Cider uses pressed apples and yeast, creating a lighter/more refreshing cider. Because of this, instead of “Hard Cider,” we called it “Crafty Cider.” Also, the brand needed to say elegance but in a fun way. So, we portrayed the Wyndridge Fox as a tuxedo-wearing William Tell.

Cider branding

Craft Beverage Marketing

Wyndridge Farm branding

Beer branding

Crafty Cider logo


Wyndridge Farm Wine

Pennsylvania wines, but with less sugar added. The packaging stands out but still fits into the overall Wyndridge brand.

Sly Farm Wines

In creating the wine labels, we wanted to take the looks into a slightly different direction, but still tie into the Wyndridge brand. We chose farm animals but put the Wyndridge scarf on them. The illustrations were done in a more artistic style and thus look more wine label.

Wine Labels


Wyndridge Farm Beer

Farm Crafted, American-brewed beer. Not many companies can claim that title, but Wyndridge Farm brews all of their beers on site. The idea is to create American craft beer with a mass production volume. These beers will eventually be competing with the larger breweries from around the word for shelf space at your local store.

Crafty Farm Beer

The beer branding needed to visually stand apart from the rest of the craft beer beverage competition. However, the Wyndridge name should stand out and the overall feel needs to tie-in to the entire brand. So, we changed the style of illustrations, but kept the elegant/fun feel. The result is a beer label that will stand out on the shelf and also clearly represent the Wyndridge brand.


Beer Branding and Marketing
Beer Branding

Wyndridge Farm’s “The Hunt Series”

Wyndridge Farm wanted to create a canned series of seasonal beers and hard ciders. To differentiate their offering, they decided they didn’t want to follow the rest of the craft beverage companies and call it a Seasonal Series. They chose a more creative approach and tied it in with their logo – a scarf wearing fox – and called it “The Hunt Series.”

Branding “The Hunt Series” Beer

holberg design decided to utilize The Hunt Series can design to help expose the Wyndridge Farm logo to the craft beer community. Up until this point the logo took a back seat to the other animals on the front of the bottles and was located on the back of the labels. We decided it was time to highlight Wyndridge’s scarf-wearing fox and offered a clean, fresh look that would stand out on the shelves among the other “in your face, edgy” competition. The colors on the can were pulled from the color palette created during the original brand build.

Branding “The Hunt Series” Cider”

To stay within the newly designed Hunt Series concept, holberg design chose to incorporate the wood grain, which is used on the cider case design, as well as the cider 6-pack design. The woodgrain is being used on the ciders to help the consumers differentiate between The Hunt Series cider and the beer.



Wyndridge Farm Brand Result

The initial cider sales have been very positive. The tasting room soft launch has exceeded expectations – there can be a two-hour wait on weekends. The wine is selling out, and the beer has just launched with positive reviews. Customers are making comments like, “You guys have the best artwork and graphics… hands down.”


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