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Susquehanna Riverlands: Name, Logo/Brand, Map & Guide, and Website

holberg design was chosen to help name and brand the area within a 15-minute drive along the east and west shores of the Susquehanna River, and north to south from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to the Maryland line. The Brand was to help promote the area’s local businesses, parks, landmarks and recreational facilities along the ribbon of scenic and historic landscape which make up the Susquehanna River corridor.

The Susquehanna Riverlands team consists of five primary organizing partners (Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Lancaster County Conservancy, Susquehanna Heritage, Lancaster County Planning Commision and the York County Planning Commission) and the holberg design team. This team worked together in tandem to brand this remarkable area, as well as created an illustrated Map and Guide based on the tagline … “Play. Explore. Experience.”

To help promote and market the Susquehanna Riverlands, holberg design was also asked to create a very informative, user friendly branded website. The website also needed to be very easy to update. The in-house SR team wanted to be able to make their own changes and updates to the new website as new local businesses, parks, landmarks and recreational facilities were added to the Susquehanna Riverlands.



holberg design’s task was to develop a name that would be both memorable and descriptive of the area. Below is the approach we used to create the Susquehanna Riverlands name.

  • Creative kick-off meeting
  • Online Research
  • Visited – towns, trails, Indian Steps, parks, winery, antique centers, restaurants, etc.
  • Developed various names that had a “sense of place” feel
  • Narrowed down the choices
  • Tested the names to get local feedback

holberg design presented multiple names to the team and Susquehanna Riverlands was the name selected by the majority of the team members. To help the team choose a name, holberg’s creative team also presented logo ideas, which would give the members visual direction to help them in the name selection process. Some of the other name ideas can be viewed to the right.



Logo / Brand

holberg design began developing a logo for several of the names that made it to the teams final cut. In doing so, this helped the Susquehanna Riverland’s team make a decision on their name, as well as started the excitement of attaching a visual brand to the chosen name.

The holberg design creative team also laid out possible uses of the logo and how it would look used out in the environment.




Holberg design: Susquehanna Riverlands


Life’s Best Adventures Start Here: Map & Guide and Website

Having built the brand, it was time to get the word out about the Susquehanna Riverlands and show all of the places to PLAY. EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE. To do this, holberg design was asked to design a guide that would explain what the Susquehanna Riverlands was and talk about all of the places that made up the area. To help with this, holberg was also asked to design a map for marketing purposes that highlighted the locations along the Susquehanna River, but also could be used as a detailed map to help tourists get to those locations.

Map & Guide

holberg design designed a map that would show the magnitude of places to see and things to do in and around the Susquehanna River. The map needed to carry the look and feel of the established brand as well as aid those who want to take advantage of all the Susquehanna Riverland has to offer … the best of form and function. holberg design not only created the visual approach to the map, but also the layout and copy points included in the final product. We also provided and managed contracted printing services.






holberg design was tasked with designing a visually pleasing website that was also easy to navigate for the site’s visitors as well as easy to update for the novice administrators who will be managing the website. holberg design took these tasks head on and produced a website that exceeded the goals of the project.

holberg design also incorportated the map and guide elements into the website. If a site visitor goes to the Maps and Guides page and clicks on the numbered locations on the map, they will be directed to the appropriate website page containing pertinent information about that location. The finished website can be viewed here: susquehannariverlands.com


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