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Fastest-Growing CPA Firm in the U.S.

RKL is a regional accounting, tax and consulting firm in Southeastern Pennsylvania, with offices located in Reading, Lancaster, York and Harrisburg.

RKL has a good brand presence and enthusiastic clients who rave about its service. However, the visual identity was dated and a little inconsistent between offices. RKL hired holberg design to help put a fresh face on the company. This included a new logo, stationery, messaging, web site, email blast and advertising campaign.

CPA Firm Branding

The inspiration was developed by reviewing images of financial documents. These documents had an “official” financial feel by placing fine lines in their designs. This was an ambitious direction to take the new brand, as attention needed to be spent on print management (to make sure the lines appeared clean).


CPA Firm Branding and Marketing


CPA Firm Marketing

When entering new markets, RKL calls on holberg design to help create a marketing plan and then we help to fulfill that plan. From billboards to bus wraps to print ads to online ads, holberg design created the messaging that helped RKL become the fastest-growing CPA firm in the U.S.

RKL CPA branding and Marketing


Web Site Development

holberg design worked with RKL to develop and build its new website. The result is a completely custom WordPress website that RKL administrators can edit and update themselves. The RKL team members can even add new pages, and their partners’ page is searchable by region and specialties.

CPA Web Site Design


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