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York Symphony Orchestra

Seasonal themes…holberg design has worked to help create themes for the York Symphony Orchestra.

In deciding what to create for an upcoming season, holberg reviewed the mix of music and composers. And, with music from the likes of “The Threepenny Opera,” we realized that it’s going to be one hot and spicy season! So, we had our new theme.

Hot & Spicy

Being the main source of YSO’s advertising, the brochure’s cover needed to have plenty of impact. We also wanted to create a visual identifier for the new season… something that could be used on billboards, posters, ads, etc., and immediately be recognized as the York Symphony’s new season. The end result was a unique image that fit the theme.

YSO brochure design


Another creative concept. We wanted to capture the excitement music makes for all the senses. Going to a musical performance stirs the ears, but it’s more than just hearing… it awakens your eyes just as much.

Brochure design



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