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Healthcare Brand Refinement

Getting the Message Out

OSS Health was created by orthopaedic experts. They built a hospital from the ground up, thinking about the patients’ needs first. holberg worked with OSS to help define its main messaging and get that message out to its target audience.

Speaking Their Language

The imagery for the Urgent Care marketing had to connect with the audience, and some of the target market did not understand what an “orthopaedic” center was. So, for some of the advertisements, we created the “sprains, twists, and breaks” messaging to capture attention and inform. For other advertisements, the messaging talked to parents and coaches, Urgent Care’s top clients.


Crafting a Marketing Plan

holberg design worked with OSS to help define the target audience(s), target geographic location(s), company mission, brand positioning, marketing goals, competitive analysis, marketing budget and marketing outreach avenues to help them with their healthcare marketing. We also completed a marketing audit for the past few years, in order to see what worked and how OSS’s audience(s) responded to their messaging.


Crafting a Media Plan and Complete Media Buying

After researching the market, holberg design then worked within the set budget to craft an effective yearly media plan. From radio spots to television commercials to Internet advertisements to outdoor billboards, holberg helped to present OSS’s healthcare message to the right audience.

holberg then used its media connections to get the biggest bang for OSS’s marketing dollars. holberg worked with the media outlets to secure all media spots and then fulfilled all creative by placing the advertisements… on time and in budget.

holberg design routinely sends OSS marketing and analytic reports to show the progress of the healthcare marketing campaigns.

Healthcare Branding
Healthcare Billboards

health care marketing internet ads




OSS Health Hospital

Marketing the Hospital’s unique offerings took us in another direction. OSS’s patients are advocates, more than willing to help explain their successes with OSS Hospital. OSS captured some of these champion clients and showcased them in the ads. Also, OSS is the winner of not just one local award but several national awards.

Healthcare Brand

Healthcare Awards

National Awards,
Local Organization

To help OSS with their healthcare marketing, one of the requirements for advertising the orthopaedic hospital was to showcase its many awards. However, we also wanted to mix in the amazing local testimonials. For the photography, we used “real” Central PA patients. This gave a believability to the look of the ads that separated them from their competition.

Healthcare Billboards OSS_06

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Advertising


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