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Fiery Trial

Museum Branding

York County Heritage Trust’s newest museum exhibit, “The Fiery Trial: York County’s Civil War Experience,” highlights York County’s and the South Central Pennsylvania Region’s national role in perhaps the United States’ greatest conflict, from its beginnings in the 1820s to its enduring legacy.

Creating an Exhibit Brand

At holberg design, we wanted to create an iconic image that illustrates the name “Fiery Trial.” We also wanted the icon to look more like it’s part of a modern-day exhibit, in an up-to-date museum. This look is unique and different enough that the museum could “own it”… unlike an image of a cannon, sword or guns – which are typically used throughout Central PA.

Fiery Trial Logo



Alternate Logo Designs

At holberg design, we like to provide a few different directions. Shown here are a few examples of other logo options provided for the Fiery Trial Museum Exhibit.

Alternate Logo Designs



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