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Community First Fund

Financial help for those with a passion and vision for starting their own business.

After 23 years of offering financial services to local entrepreneurs, Community First Fund decided it was time to create a story of their own.

Community First Fund has a socially conscious mission – “to create sustainable prosperity for low wealth communities and individuals, especially People of Color and women, by aligning capital, knowledge and advocacy to advance business ownership, housing and community development.” It’s an altruistic mission targeted to entrepreneurs and small- to mid-sized businesses that we should all get behind. To foster this community transformation, Community First Fund decided it was time to live their mission by putting one foot outside of their own box. Community First Fund decided to refresh their brand and to increase their visibility in and around the communities they serve. To help them do this, they decided to create a more robust marketing team within Community First Fund, as well as search for a marketing/creative agency who would work well with their newly energized marketing department.

They wanted an agency they knew they could trust as well as one who would understand their vision of helping people help themselves. They wanted to find a marketing/creative agency team that would understand the impact of small business on communities … Offering good paying jobs and services to those around them. Offering a fresh start. Community First Fund also knew they had a great story to tell and they needed the perfect agency to help them tell it. They decided holberg design was that agency … the perfect match.


holberg design’s first task

As Community First Fund’s agency of record, holberg design’s first task was to take the current Community First Fund logo and modernize it. They wanted holberg design to utilize their current logo/icon, but refresh it so it had a current, updated look and feel. Since holberg design was asked to keep the “look” of the current icon, we chose to change the brand color as well as implement a more updated font. We also took the icon and made it crisp, clean and digitally manageable.

Expanding the updated “brand” on printed pieces… as well as on the web

Annual Report

With a refreshed logo in place, holberg design took elements from the logo/brand and implemented them on the first printed project we designed … Community First Fund’s 2016 Annual Report.

The iconic mark represents the ripple effect on a pool of water. It shows the opportunities created by Community First Fund’s involvement and how that can cause a ripple effect to help a community create jobs, needed services… or even a location for someone to call home. holberg design decided to use the circular ripples in the icon and create graphic elements that bring into focus Community First Fund’s clients and their achievements. We also developed messaging that propagated the mission by “bridging the opportunity gap”.

holberg design designed the Annual Report, produced the print-ready art and directed the photo shoot for this project.

A new business development brochure

Community First Fund needed a leave-behind brochure for potential clients. They wanted a designed piece that would provide the pertinent information that a potential client could refer back to while making new business financial decisions. holberg design again used the branded circles in this piece to expand on the updated brand. There were two versions of this brochure created; one in English and another version in Spanish to reach this multicultural community.

Time for a new website

Community First Fund had been in the process of developing a new website. After being let down by their web designer/developer, Community First Fund decided it was time to jump ship and allow holberg design to take the reigns. holberg design understood the predicament Community First Fund faced, so we helped design and develop a website that exceeded their current needs but also took into account that the website would need to grow as Community First Fund’s needs grew. We designed and custom-coded Community First Fund’s new website for a fraction of the cost requested by the other web company.

Community First Fund also wanted this new website to show off their updated brand as well as offer information to potential clients. They also wanted to utilize the website as a vehicle to spread the word about all of the great services they offer and talk about the businesses they helped. We focused much of the content on written and video success stories.








A story emerges …

To focus on the successes of those who were touched by Community First Fund, holberg design was asked to direct a video that would highlight the importance of Community First Fund and to talk about all of the great work they are doing. The video was also created to help solicit State Representatives and investors for continued support.

Other Community First Fund videos holberg design directed …



25 Years | 25 Stories

In 2017 Community First Fund wanted to highlight a milestone … their 25th anniversary.  Over the last 25 years Community First Fund helped many entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams by investing in their vision of owning their own business. holberg design was asked to create a 25th anniversary logo, as well as create a “25 years, 25 stories” book to share some of their client’s success stories over the past 25 years. At the same time we were also asked to design another Annual Report for 2017 and to highlight their quarter-century milestone in that piece.

View the 25 Years | 25 Stories flipbook

View the Community First Fund 2017 Annual Report flipbook



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