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Premier Eye Care Group Was Looking For A Rebrand.

Premier Eye Care Group: The passing of the torch also meant time for a new “Look”.

After buying the practice a decision was made by the new owners of Premier Eye Care Group …  it was time for a new, fresh professional brand.

It had been more than a decade since Premier Eye Care Group considered a re-brand. They knew they had a team of very skilled physicians who were experienced in all aspects of the latest eye-care technologies, techniques and procedures. They decided it was time to have a brand that looked as professional as the services and expertise they offered. Premier Eye Care Group decided to put their confidence in the team at holberg design.

The Brand, From Old to New

holberg design was tasked to create a logo that would take Premier Eye Care Group brand far into the future. We were also asked to brand the environment … from the way the employees answered the phones, to creating banners for their newly developed website. holberg design also extended the brand to the interior and exterior of their facilities and to their social media outlets.

Extending the Brand

A brand is more than just a logo on a business card or letterhead … it’s an experience. From a practical viewpoint, it’s also the environment in and around a business. A brand creates a mood or understanding of the business even before someone is personally exposed to the business or its services. In this case, Premier Eye Care Group wanted their customers to feel that their eyes were in very good hands … and the care they will receive at Premier Eye Care Group is second to none.

… And a Digital Rebrand

Premier Eye Care Group reached out to holberg design after purchasing a website from another local digital agency. They ask holberg design what could be done to freshen up the website with the new brand. holberg design suggested the most cost effective method to rebrand their website would be to update the colors throughout the site, matching the colors established by the holberg design brand team. We also suggested adding banners that would carry the new brand’s look and feel onto the site. These two suggestions were implemented to help Premier Eye Care Group establish a branded online presence.

holberg design was also contracted to rewrite the website’s content so the site would reflect the new brand language. holberg design also utilized this new brand language to create an email blast template, as well as Facebook ad campaigns and other advertising and marketing artwork.

For a closer look at the other logos presented to PECG but didn’t make the cut, as well as other “creative” done by holberg design … CLICK HERE!

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