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Effective Healthcare Advertising

Did you see the Little Winter Champion spots for OSS Health on television? We had the opportunity to work on several TV commercials for this extraordinary healthcare system and they have had a great response. So, we would like to share what makes a good 30 sec spot for healthcare advertising.

First holberg design captured what the healthcare benefits are to their target audience and made sure we hit those points in the advertisement. These key points, like fast service, being open 7 days a week and having orthopaedic experts on site helps set them apart from the emergency rooms. We also wanted to grab the viewer’s, attention so we wrapped the message in a slow motion video of a speculator winter wipeout.

Finally, through marketing and branding meetings we realized that some of this healthcare’s target market did not understand what an “orthopaedic” urgent care center was. So we created the “sprains, twists, and breaks” copy to capture attention and inform.

The final product was a healthcare advertisement that grabbed the viewer’s attention, informed them and did it in a memorable way.

So, what do we have planned for spring? Check back and find out.


See the whole OSS Health case study here http://holbergdesign.com/project/oss-health/

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