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Premier Eye Care Group Was Looking For A Rebrand.

Premier Eye Care Group: The passing of the torch also meant time for a new “Look”.

After buying the practice a decision was made by the new owners of Premier Eye Care Group …  it was time for a new, fresh professional brand.

It had been more than a decade since Premier Eye Care Group considered a re-brand. They knew they had a team of very skilled physicians who were experienced in all aspects of the latest eye-care technologies, techniques and procedures. They decided it was time to have a brand that looked as professional as the services and expertise they offered. Premier Eye Care Group decided to put their confidence in the team at holberg design.

The Brand, From Old to New

holberg design was tasked to create a logo that would take Premier Eye Care Group brand far into the future. We were also asked to brand the environment … from the way the employees answered the phones, to creating banners for their newly developed website. holberg design also extended the brand to the interior and exterior of their facilities and to their social media outlets.

Extending the Brand

A brand is more than just a logo on a business card or letterhead … it’s an experience. From a practical viewpoint, it’s also the environment in and around a business. A brand creates a mood or understanding of the business even before someone is personally exposed to the business or its services. In this case, Premier Eye Care Group wanted their customers to feel that their eyes were in very good hands … and the care they will receive at Premier Eye Care Group is second to none.

… And a Digital Rebrand

Premier Eye Care Group reached out to holberg design after purchasing a website from another local digital agency. They ask holberg design what could be done to freshen up the website with the new brand. holberg design suggested the most cost effective method to rebrand their website would be to update the colors throughout the site, matching the colors established by the holberg design brand team. We also suggested adding banners that would carry the new brand’s look and feel onto the site. These two suggestions were implemented to help Premier Eye Care Group establish a branded online presence.

holberg design was also contracted to rewrite the website’s content so the site would reflect the new brand language. holberg design also utilized this new brand language to create an email blast template, as well as Facebook ad campaigns and other advertising and marketing artwork.

For a closer look at the other logos presented to PECG but didn’t make the cut, as well as other “creative” done by holberg design … CLICK HERE!

Wednesday Rambling: Video Marketing Campaign to Succeed

holberg design Captures Brand Essence With A 30-Second TV Spot

If a company wants to make a bold marketing statement, most turn to logos, billboards, online ads, and other such media for production and distribution. But when it comes to video commercial work, smaller companies often opt out. What may seem like a complicated process – scripting, storyboarding, production, editing, and so on – takes time, expertise, and hard work, but when teaming up with talented, professional individuals, the final video can be impactful, exciting, and highly effective.

Wyndridge Farm (located in York, PA) asked holberg design to capture their brand essence for their first 30-second television beverage commercial. One challenge is that the TV commercial is brief, and needed to tell the whole story in thirty seconds. holberg design handled creative concept, art direction, copywriting, animation and brand development. holberg then hired Hayman Studio, the areas top commercial photography and video studio, to handle cinematography, editing and sound design. holberg first started with a solid script, keeping the tone of copy in line with the brand’s voice. We then quickly moved on to storyboarding, location scouting, and content development – all before shooting the actual video footage. Covering all of these bases extensively before helps the filming process to go as smoothly as possible, and in the end, we had all the shots we needed in a little less than eight hours. Hayman studio expertly captured the beauty of the farm and brewery all in one day.

In essence, the thirty-second commercial needed to fit the style of the brewery – highlighting a farm theme – with the main goal to communicate Wyndridge’s identity and include sufficient “beauty shots” of the branding label designs. Since most consumers identify the product by the logos and labels, it was important to spotlight these visuals in the commercial. After all, selling the video to the fan base is the critical conclusion to all of the hard work.

And in the case of the Wyndridge commercial, a grand finale it has been! Having posted the finished video on the Wyndridge Farm Facebook page, in under a week, the view count has soared to an amazing 55,000 – from that single outlet alone. An exciting accomplishment for all of us involved in the creative and developmental process! It’s always rewarding to see our clients receive the attention they deserve, and playing a role in the success story is what keeps us going!

If you’re thinking of expanding your marketing reach with some video work, holberg design can help you bring your ideas to life.

The script:


The storyboards:


The photoshoot:



The final video:

Wyndridge in Action: A Branding Success Story

In the branding and marketing world, very few things come close to the flattery and satisfaction found when the intentions driving a brand makeover manifest in customer interaction. Upon visiting Wyndridge Farm a handful of weeks ago, we had the privilege of seeing some of our hard work pay off in this exact way.

For the sake of setting the scene, it’s important to know that when we were developing the Wyndridge brand, we decided to use a unified visual theme amongst the products as opposed to multiple designs, i.e. a different visual direction for the ciders, the beers, the sodas, etc. This decision was made with the intention of focusing all of the products around Wyndridge’s own North Star: the farm itself. By doing so, customers tracing the deliciously brewed beverages back to their place of origin will find the Wyndridge restaurant, gift shop, and venue – three other key aspects to the business’ overall success.

With this in mind, you can imagine our excitement when, enjoying a lunch meeting at Wyndridge, we were introduced to two women – Tina and Jill – who had come upon the restaurant simply by following the brand! They explained that after sampling some of the brewery products elsewhere, they had saved one of the bottle caps, researched the brand, discovered the restaurant, took a tour of the grounds, and even decided to have an upcoming wedding at the events venue. This was quite literal manifestation of our brand direction in motion – cohesive logo, messaging, and content design bringing these two particular customers back to the farm, just as intended.

In the end, this branding success story was a very proud moment for holberg design, as it provided an exciting look into how our work directly affects customers. Shout out to Tina and Jill for making our day!