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New Restaurant Billboard Design

Quick, you have 3-5 seconds to get your message across to someone going 55 miles per hour. That leaves just a few words and images to get your point across. We helped JPs Restaurant to create a new billboard to help get their message to hungry travelers. The billboard requirements were as follows…

First and importantly, “showcase the new logo.”

Convey that they have “Affordable Breakfast.”

Not only do they have breakfast, but “quick lunches” and “delicious dinners” as well.

They have a “new take out service for Beer.”

They have “homemade desserts.”

There is a “carry out or dine in service.”

The exit number.

Obviously we needed to narrow the information down to the basics. The final design gets the message across clearly and gives the driver the information so they can make a decision quickly.

Here is a before and after, so you can see the difference. What do you think? Does the design work?

Billboard Design Before

Billboard Design After
Billboard Design After