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CPA Marketing Plan

The fastest way to a new client is through their… stomach

Holberg Design helped RKL develop a marketing plan that had two main goals. The first goal was to extend RKL’s brand into the York, PA market – an area that they were opening a new office. This plan consisted of advertisements, billboards, bus boards and direct mailers. The marketing message was created to showcase that RKL is the perfect size and location for York clients. RKL’s competition is either extremely large (with little personal service), or too small (with not as much experience and resources). RKL seems to be the “Just Right” fit for most York clients.

The 2nd goal was to gain new clients, by focusing on a targeted direct mail list. Holberg Design created and sent out a series of direct mail cards. Each mailer kept building up the “just right” message, leading to the final direct mail piece – a box of Omaha Steaks. After the steaks arrived, pone calls were placed to each name on the list. The Result of the marketing campaign: Out of 150 prospects, 22 new client appointments were secured and 8 are now in new client negotiations. And, as of today, new appointments are still being secured.

So, what are 22 new client appointments worth to you?

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