Holberg Design

“I found holberg design to be unparalleled in their creativity, service and presentation.”

“I did not realize that this kind of talent existed in Central PA.”

“People keep complimenting us on our new brand. They see how everything ties together and then it hits them, this is how a brand should look.”

“We increased attendance by 15%. I have to admit, I guess this branding thing really does work.”

“Wicked awesome website.”

“The entire staff likes our new website – amazing improvement. Thank you for all the hard
work and creativity!”

“The infographic designs you did for us have been picked up by a National health blog, and are now mounted and hung in the PA Dept. of Health Building.”

“We received so many calls from people in the community congratulating us on our new brand – after they saw our new signage!”

“Someone noticed our new logo on billboards and asked if she could work with us,
because we ‘looked so cool!'”

“After 19 year of working hard, our new brand really helped to re-energize the entire staff.”

“The branding and package design helps sell the product – even before they taste it!”

“In over 16 years of marketing I have not seen a perfect mailer … until today when I received your direct mailer.”

“Just as a point of fact, you have a great logo.
Puts the other three (competitors) to shame….”


A successful brand requires lots of hard work – that’s done beneath the waters – pushing its perceived value ever higher in their market.

Look beneath the waves, where you’ll find all the branding elements that propel you to the top of your game. Unique messaging, compelling advertising, targeted designs, web development, Internet marketing plans and environmental designs are a few of the components that crystallize to form a winning brand position.

Increase your perceived value by having one voice, a consistent identity and a memorable brand. holberg design inc. will develop a strong brand identity with a compelling message, a cohesive visual look and an integrated marketing plan that will reach your target audience and move them into action!